Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering

WABI, Mainebiz highlight efforts to tackle health care supply shortages

WABI (Channel 5) and Mainebiz reported on the University of Maine’s efforts to help tackle supply shortages faced by health care providers during the coronavirus pandemic. The station also shared the news release. The first UMaine-led initiative to help meet the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers focuses on production of […]

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The Maine question podcast logo

Check out what’s next on ‘The Maine Question’

While “The Maine Question” podcast is on a brief spring break, host Ron Lisnet encourages listeners to check the lineup in case they missed any episodes, as well as to share their favorite conversations with friends. Topics of the podcast, now in its second season, have included news in the 21st century; dog biscuits made […]

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Getting published topic of faculty, graduate student panel

Faculty and graduate students in a variety of disciplines will discuss publishing considerations 4–6 p.m. March 5 in Fogler Library Classroom 1. “Publish or Perish? A Graduate Student’s Guide to Publishing” will include what to watch out for, whom to consult, how to respond to reviews, and tips for reaching audiences and gaining visibility for […]

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Mother and baby

Opioid-dependent mothers have reduced social neuropeptide levels, give fewer gentle touches to babies

Mothers being treated for opioid-dependency showed impaired responsiveness and sensitivity to their babies, compared to mothers not dependent on opioids but similar in socioeconomic and lifestyle factors.  The opioid-dependent mothers’ sensitivity deficits were associated with reduced oxytocin (OT) release. OT, which is made in the hypothalamus of the brain, is normally released during mothers’ interactions […]

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UMaine researchers defend scientific contributions of two misrepresented pioneers in hypertension 

Misquotations and quotations made without historical context unfairly paint two pioneers in hypertension investigators as flawed in their thinking, according to two University of Maine researchers. Merrill Elias, emeritus professor of psychology and emeritus cooperating professor in the Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, and Amanda Goodell, research associate in psychology, have published a […]

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Six doctoral students selected for health-related research fellowships 

Six doctoral students in the University of Maine Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering make up the first cohort supported by a $1.07 million National Institutes of Health’s Institutional Research Training Grant (T32). Awardees receive fellowships that include a stipend, tuition, university fees, health insurance coverage, as well as an allowance for travel and […]

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Tissues under a microscope

Study discovers loss of innervation in fat related to obesity, diabetes, aging

To prevent conditions such as obesity and diabetes, as well as cardiovascular disease, researchers at the University of Maine are studying how the brain interacts with fat tissue. “Our brain needs to communicate with fat tissue to burn calories, to increase our heat production, and to keep us metabolically healthy,” says Kristy Townsend, associate professor […]

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If you missed these achievements the first time, here’s a recap

During the first six months of 2019, University of Maine faculty and students have contributed to knowledge and solutions — locally and worldwide. Here’s a review of some highlights, including dog biscuits made of green crabs and a comprehensive scientific expedition on Mount Everest. January Food science majors to engage in active learning to prepare […]

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