Computing and Information Science

Lin Wei

Lin Wei: Student from China navigates world through code and choreography

Lin Wei, who goes by Enoch Lin, interacts with the world and its people through code and choreography.  The 2020 graduate from Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China, enjoys solving technological problems, particularly through programming languages, and traversing fictional realms in video games. A passion for technology motivated him to major in computer science. The sense […]

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Spruce budworm map

New online app helps visualize, interpret spatial data on spruce budworm mitigation, forest planning

The Intelligent GeoSolutions (IGS) team at the University of Maine’s Center for Research on Sustainable Forests (CRSF) has released a free interactive mapping tool, the Forest Ecosystem Status and Trends (ForEST) app, to provide online decision support to private and public forest managers, natural resource agencies, conservation organizations and other stakeholders. With the current outbreak […]

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Artificial intelligence

UMaine AI: Enhancing human life and societal well-being in Maine and beyond

Artificial intelligence (AI) — the development of computer systems that perform tasks that normally require human intelligence; including visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and language translation — once was considered to be a concept for science-fiction writing or a vision for the future of computing.  The University of Maine Artificial Intelligence Initiative (UMaine AI) is […]

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MIRTA 3.0 teams complete two-day boot camp

Four faculty-led innovation teams are in the third cohort of the Maine Innovation, Research and Technology Accelerator (MIRTA). The teams recently completed an immersive two-day boot camp designed to introduce them to all aspects of the commercialization process. The teams are: Salty Spoon, a smart spoon that can enhance flavor, led by Nimesha Ranasinghe, UMaine […]

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$350K NSF grant to UMaine to support statewide research, outreach with new high-performance computational instrument

A project led by the University of Maine School of Computing and Information Science to develop a high-performance computing instrument has received a $350,000 National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant. Roy Turner, associate professor of computer science at UMaine, will lead the project.   Deep learning (a subfield of artificial intelligence), modeling and simulation, and […]

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New Media Night 2019 to showcase student work May 3

Step into a bee swarm, travel back in time, or shrink down to the size of an ant in works of augmented and virtual reality created by seniors in the University of Maine’s new media program. “Venture Forth: New Media Night 2019” will be held at the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center from 5–7 […]

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