Graduate School

Andrew Ouellette

JAX, UMaine scientists lead discovery of new connection between Alzheimer’s dementia and existing gene 

A gene known for helping facilitate communication between neurons in the nervous system has been discovered to be connected with Alzheimer’s dementia and cognitive decline, according to a national research team led by The Jackson Laboratory and University of Maine.  Catherine Kaczorowski, associate professor and Evnin family chair in Alzheimer’s research at The Jackson Laboratory […]

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Miner writes about microbes escaping from permafrost in Scientific American

Kimberley Miner co-wrote the opinion piece “Deep Frozen Arctic Microbes Are Waking Up” in Scientific American. The assistant professor at the Climate Change Institute writes that in Siberia and northern Canada, the abrupt thaw has created sunken landforms, or thermokarst — where the oldest and deepest permafrost is exposed to the warm air for the […]

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Mount Everest illuminated during sunset

Climate change, human impacts altering Everest faster, more significantly than previously known

New findings from the most comprehensive scientific expedition to Mount Everest in history are in today’s interdisciplinary scientific journal One Earth. The collection of research papers and commentaries about Mount Everest, known locally as Sagarmatha and Chomolangma, identifies critical information about the Earth’s highest-mountain glaciers and the impacts they’re experiencing due to climate change.  As […]

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Rene Francolini

Rene Francolini: Using computational biology talents for Maine-eDNA program 

Graduate research assistant Rene Francolini will employ her knowledge of computational biology to tackle research in the Maine-eDNA program.  Sequencing eDNA produces large amounts of data, and Francolini, a University of Maine Ph.D. student of marine sciences, can parse through and manipulate it for analysis using computational programs and models. She previously worked on eDNA […]

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Sydney Greenlee

Sydney Greenlee: Studying harmful algal blooms in Maine EPSCoR initiative

Sydney Greenlee found her passion for molecular ecology through a research undergraduate experience at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.  Now a participant in the Maine-eDNA program, the Ph.D. student of marine sciences at the University Maine delves deeper into her chosen field, primarily researching harmful algae blooms. Greenlee says she plans to investigate and […]

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Samuel Tan diving with fish in the ocean

Samuel Tan: Exploring microbial communities in Maine-eDNA research

Samuel Tan traveled from Singapore to study at the University of Maine and work for Maine-eDNA.  The Ph.D. student of marine sciences’ research for the Maine EPSCoR program will involve microbial communities and how they change in response to disturbances, such as the effects of seasonality and human action. The technology for eDNA research has […]

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Julia Van Steenberghe

Julia Van Steenberghe: Miss Maine USA says, ‘I definitely bleed blue’

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, Julia Van Steenberghe’s parents’ living room in Old Town was transformed into a veritable TV studio, with ring lights surrounding her as she gave probably the biggest interview of her life so far.  Van Steenberghe — a master’s student in human development at the University of Maine — was chatting […]

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Claudia Cummings

Claudia Cummings: Connections are key to success

Claudia Cummings earned her Bachelor of Arts in social work from the University of Maine in May 2020. She knows her success at UMaine can be attributed, at least in part, to her personal engagement during her undergraduate years. But she also learned that before changing the world students must find their niche. After changing […]

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Black-browed albatross

New study finds seabird response to abrupt climate change 5,000 years ago transformed island ecosystems in the Falklands

The Falkland Islands are a South Atlantic refuge for some of the world’s most important seabird species, including five species of penguins, Great Shearwaters, and White-chinned Petrels. In recent years, their breeding grounds in the coastal tussac (Poa flabellata) grasslands have come under increasing pressure from sheep grazing and erosion. And unlike other regions of […]

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‘The Maine Question’ asks how face masks affect first impressions

What role do face masks play in how people are judged during the pandemic? Find out in Episode 6 of Season 3 of “The Maine Question” podcast.  There’s an adage that people don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Mollie Ruben, assistant professor of psychology, examines how face masks affect people’s first […]

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