UMaine faculty, alumni showcase work during Readingpalooza

Several local writers who are also University of Maine faculty and alumni will showcase their work during Readingpalooza at noon on Sunday, April 14 at Queen City Cinema Club in Bangor. 

Victoria Hood, a UMaine graduate and adjunct instructor in the Department of English, organized the event. Other presenters include Hollie Adams, UMaine assistant professor of creative writing; Lydia Balestra, a lecturer in the Department of English; Julia Hills, an alumna who earned her bachelor’s degree in English from UMaine; Greg Howard, an associate professor of English; Andy Mallory, an alum and lecturer with the Philosophy Department; Jeremy John Parker, a lecturer with the Department of English; Lily Rain, an alumna who earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and English; Morghen Tidd, who earned a master’s degree in English from UMaine; and Micah Vallarie, who earned a bachelor’s degree in English and classics from UMaine.

Visit the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences website to learn more about the event.