Meet the 2022 Outstanding Classified Employee Diane Muir 

Photo of Diane Muir
Diane Muir

As the Nov. 17 deadline for nominations for the 2023 Outstanding Classified Employee award approaches, the University of Maine Classified Employee Advisory Council (CEAC) is highlighting the 2022 recipient: Diane Muir.

Muir first joined the UMaine community in 2011 as an alumni programs specialist with the UMaine Alumni Association. She was hired for her current role as an administrative specialist for the Chemistry Department in 2017. 

The multiple faculty and staff who wrote letters of support for Muir’s award nomination cited her strong work ethic — often going above and beyond the duties required of her position; her unwavering commitment to helping students and her pivotal role in maintaining department operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Beyond the professional aspect, Diane is an incredibly kind and supportive person who has made my time at this school richer and happier,” wrote a student in their letter of endorsement. “I know that many others can relate to being around Aubert Hall and stopping by Diane’s office for a chat that can make our days better.”

The award recognizes classified employees’ exceptional service and dedication to UMaine, increasing the campus community’s awareness of the indispensable contributions that represented and nonrepresented classified employees make to the quality, diversity and overall mission of the university. Award winners receive $1,000 in recognition of their contributions.

To submit nominations for the 2023 award recipient, visit the CEAC website.