UMaine Machias documentary ‘When the Chevy Breaks’ rebroadcast on Maine Public

Maine Public rebroadcast the 2019 University of Maine at Machias student film “When the Chevy Breaks (How Small Towns Fix Big Problems)” on Oct. 19. The film is available online

The film was the third feature-length production to come out of the Downeast Documentary filmmaking course. Alan Kryszak, interdisciplinary fine arts faculty member, directed the film by students Miranda Sutton, Brooke Hachey, Will Rittenhouse, Kayla Cater, Sophie Squire, Eric Darby, Christopher Palmiotto, Trevor Tanski, Jesse Gray, Alex Blackie, Lucas Logan, Abdalla Mostafa, Alexis Morrill and Holly Preston.

The documentary was filmed in Washington County and is a collection of stories, ranging from Machias taking on the world’s most powerful navy (on a Sunday after church) to an amputee father waiting for his son to return from Afghanistan so they can hike Katahdin.Overcoming obstacles, big and small, is the thematic focus of this film. The documentary was part of Maine Public’s Bicentennial Community Films Series.