Media interview Lee about reducing food waste

To highlight the first ever Maine Food Waste Awareness Week, News Center Maine interviewed Susanne Lee, a faculty fellow with the University of Maine Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions, about efforts to reduce food waste in schools. Lee said teaching students habits they can incorporate into their daily lives, such as composting and share baskets, can be an easy way to make a difference. “Now kids have an option, they can share it, so it’s really teaching them two things: not to waste food and to share with others. If you have something that is edible, don’t throw it away, put it in the share basket. So the share basket really helps redirect food, and by the time lunch is over, there is nothing left in the share basket because the milk that one student did not want to drink is a carton another student is really happy to have,” Lee said. WABI (Channel 5) also interviewed Lee about food waste and ways to reduce it in recognition of Maine Food Waste Awareness Week.