Select blue light call boxes undergoing maintenance as part of comprehensive safety strategy

The University of Maine’s comprehensive safety strategy provides students with multiple ways of calling for assistance or reporting incidents. One of the technologies employed by the university to protect students and the campus community are the blue light call boxes. 

“As part of a periodic campuswide review, the blue light call boxes are checked to make sure they are working properly.” said William Flagg, UMaine’s chief of police and security services. “Any call boxes found to have issues will be serviced. While many boxes are functioning properly, we want to make sure every call box on campus is regularly maintained and working.”

Signs have been posted with placards directing community members to appropriate resources if the blue light call box has to be turned off for service. While this maintenance is underway, the campus community is reminded that there are multiple ways to contact the campus police department if they need assistance. These resources include calling 911 or using the Black Bear Safe app. Blue light call boxes, 911 and the Black Bear Safe app are all designed to work together to enhance safety and protect the university’s campus community. 

“Everyone is responsible for contributing to their own personal safety,” says Flagg. “Trust your instincts. Don’t go into any situation that feels unsafe.” Flagg suggests that everyone take some common-sense precautions to protect themselves. If you have to walk alone at night, be aware of your surroundings and utilize the features on the Black Bear Safe app. It also is a good idea to pay attention to residence hall visitors you don’t recognize, be aware of campus safety resources, and report any suspicious activity.

“While the University of Maine is a very safe campus, it takes all of us working together to keep it that way,” said Robert Dana, vice president for student life and inclusive excellence and dean of students. “Everyone needs to be vigilant about the safety of our campus community. If you see something, say something. Our police department is here to protect all of us.”

To learn more about our dedication to campus safety at the University of Maine and the University of Maine at Machias, read the Clery Annual Safety Report.