Chronicle of Higher Education interviews Roberts about online learning

Richard Roberts, executive director of academic program support and online learning at the University of Maine, spoke with The Chronicle of Higher Education about the increased online learning opportunities. According to Roberts, UMaine expanded its offerings for online learning derived from increased demand for fully online degrees and a combination of in-person, hybrid, and fully remote courses. “We have a robust infrastructure to support fully remote students and in-person students seeking a variety of hybrid and remote options,” Roberts said. “Most importantly, our online degrees and courses are not separate from the on-campus offerings, and so our fully remote students take the same classes, learn from the same prestigious research-intensive faculty, and earn the same degrees as our on-campus students.” The publication also shared data about online learning at UMaine. In spring 2023, 28% of the credit hours were delivered online (synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid). In 2019, that percentage was about 14%.