Charney book ‘These Trees Tell a Story’ to publish May 16

Noah Charney, assistant professor of conservation biology at the University of Maine, authored a new book titled “These Trees Tell a Story: The Art of Reading Landscapes” that will be published on May 16 by Yale University Press.

Framed by a series of interactive field walks through ten New England ecosystems, “These Trees Tell a Story: The Art of Reading Landscapes,” invites readers to see the world through the eyes of a trained naturalist. 

Charney ties together geology, forest ecology, wildlife biology, soil processes, evolution, conservation and more, and shows how and why landscapes appear in their current forms. With guided questions, immersive photography and a narrative approach, Charney reveals the landscapes’ respective complexities, uncovering millions of years of forces at play. 

For more information, including available images for media use and book trailers, visit the book’s website.