Blackstone speaks to WGME about Mainers choosing to live childfree

Amy Blackstone, professor of sociology at the University of Maine, spoke to WGME-TV (Channel 13 in Portland) about the choice some Maine couples are making to be child-free by choice. Blackstone published a book in 2019 called “Child Free by Choice,” sharing some of her story, her research, myths and history about not having children. “The idea of opting out of parenthood is not new, but one thing that is very new is that we’re talking about it. … We’ve had women we’ve called spinsters for many decades, and those folks have opted out of parenthood. We’ve had men that we call bachelors that have never had kids, so we’ve had different names for them, but we’ve always had people who never became parents because they didn’t want to become parents,” Blackstone said. WPFO-TV (Fox 23 in Portland) shared the WGME segment.