Maine Business School and College of Engineering launch concentration in Engineering Management

The University of Maine Graduate School of Business and the College of Engineering have partnered on a new MaineMBA concentration in engineering management.

“The University of Maine’s College of Engineering is world-class and is known to be one of the strengths of our great institution,” says Norm O’Reilly, dean of the Graduate School of Business. “The globally ranked MaineMBA was the driver of the first phase of the UMS Transforms initiative and has been in a period of strong growth. Bringing the faculty of these two colleges together in this new concentration is very exciting and something we believe will lead to great outcomes for students and the state of Maine.”

The idea for the MaineMBA concentration was sparked by the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management, which includes several MBA courses in the curriculum. An official concentration in the MaineMBA program made perfect sense. “The two fields are perfect complements as many engineers reach a point in their career where they need the business acumen to progress,” says Faye Gilbert, former executive dean of the Maine Business School and professor of marketing.  

“The partnership between these two colleges will benefit both the students and the Maine economy,” says Dana Humphrey, dean of the College of Engineering. “Engineers are taught to solve incredibly complex problems and make those solutions happen. This skill set is just as important to the business world as it is to engineering. This partnership will allow graduates to not only accelerate their careers in engineering but also give them the business acumen to be successful in a wide range of fields.”

Watch Humphrey discuss the new concentration in Engineering Management.