Camire interviewed by CNN about eating seaweed

Mary Ellen Camire, professor of food science and human nutrition at the University of Maine, spoke to CNN about the nutritional benefits of eating seaweed. Camire told CNN that seaweed is “an excellent source of dietary fiber and minerals.” Though nutritional profiles vary slightly between green, brown and red varieties, across the board seaweed contains a number of vitamins, including B, C, E and K, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, amino acids, polyphenols and 10 times more minerals like calcium, iron and iodine than land-based plants. Camire also discussed seaweed’s ecological benefits, including carbon capture, regenerative aquaculture and habitat building. “Seaweed also provides a place for smaller sea creatures to hide from predators,” Camire said, and establishing such refuge environments that can help restore diverse marine life in overfished habitats. KVIA-TV (El Paso, Texas), KMIZ-TV (Columbia, Missouri), KYMA-TV (Yuma, Arizona) and other national outlets shared the CNN report.