Media report on Hudson Museum 3D printing project

News Center Maine, 3D Printing Industry and the Bangor Daily News reported that a UMaine team is 3D printing a replica of one of the items, the Tlingit Frog Clan Helmet, which will be displayed at the Hudson Museum while the original is sent back to the Tlingit tribe in southern Alaska. UMaine engineers are scanning the original helmet and 3D printing a copy which will then be finished to resemble an exact replica. The project was initiated after the Tlingit tribe’s central council filed a request for repatriation of the helmet and seven other artifacts in the Hudson Museum’s collection. As a result, Hudson Museum Director Gretchen Faulkner worked with the clan to get approval to attempt to fabricate a 3D printed replica of the helmet so the museum could return the original while keeping a version for its display.