Maine Business School presents a virtual screening of ‘Trace the Line’

In celebration of Black History Month, the Maine Business School will present a virtual screening of the documentary filmTrace the Line” at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 16. 

The film was produced by Bravebird, an indigenous and female-owned production company. A Q&A with the producers, Alejandro Miranda Cruz and Noel Miranda, will follow the screening.

Click here to join the free public virtual screening and watch a trailer of the film. 

“Trace the Line” is a powerful narrative that follows the lives of two artists, one Black and one white. These characters forge a relationship through the tumultuous year of 2020, showing what needs to happen for these two communities to work together and not against each other.  

“‘Trace the Line’ offers an intimate look at life in the United States while living through a pandemic, a spotlight on racial inequality, and increased political division,” says C. Matt Graham, associate professor of business information systems. “The goal of sharing this film is to provide faculty, students and staff an opportunity to see life in these trying times through the lens of someone different than them. This film shows how art can be a medium to bring us together and remind us of what we have in common — our humanity.” 

Miranda Cruz has a passion for creating authentic narratives that portray all people with dignity. He worked as an actor for 15 years, witnessing the lack of equity and diversity on set. With Huichol and Taìno roots, Cruz was routinely typecast as a delinquent, a gang member and uneducated. As a script reader, he saw how stories of BIPOC communities were ignored and dismissed. These experiences set him on the path to transforming the narrative pushed by film and advertising.