President’s Holiday Luncheon door prizes awarded

President’s Holiday Luncheon door prize winners have been announced. We thank the more than 670 employees who attended the midday and evening events.

The winners are:


  • Shawn Romer, Facilities Management
  • William Carrell, Student Records
  • Adam Mascone, Auxiliary Services
  • Danielle O’Neil, Office of Research Development
  • Ana Chatenever, Chemistry
  • Christopher Boynton, Research Administration
  • Juanita Prescott, Facilities Management
  • Paul Lepage, Facilities Management
  • Elaine O’Leary, School of Social Work

Women’s Basketball tickets: 

  • Crisanne Blackie, Career Center

Men’s Basketball tickets: 

  • Md Mushfiqur Rahman, School of Forest Resources

Men’s Hockey tickets: 

  • Jacob Mitton, Auxiliary Services

ASCC T-shirt and VIP Tour: 

  • Joseph Stefanik, Facilities Management