O’Reilly co-authors new book on social media in sport

Norm O’Reilly, dean of the Graduate School of Business, has co-authored a new book, published by World Scientific. “Social Media in Sport: Theory and Practice” enables students to grasp the holistic enterprise of social media as it pertains to social, legal marketing, and management issues. “With so many factors pushing us more and more to digital lives, this area of knowledge is vital for any future professional in the sport industry,” O’Reilly says. The book also helps students better understand the research process in social media scholarship and make connections with academic research and applied practice in sport studies.

“I’m beyond excited about this book and the content we have put together,” O’Reilly says. “Dr. Gashaw Abeza, our lead author, has led the compilation of a set of chapters on the topic of social media in sport that continues to grow in importance for sport businesses globally and where tools, concepts, and ways to monetize social media activities are areas of need and challenge for practitioners. I believe that our book provides this with the input and expertise of more than 25 leading experts.”