Wahle, Harrington co-author chapter on lobster fisheries in ‘Natural History of the Crustacea’

Richard Wahle, director of the Lobster Institute and the Clare S. Darling Professor of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine, led a co-authored chapter on lobster fisheries of the world for the latest volume of the “Natural History of the Crustacea” book series published by Oxford University Press.  In 19 chapters the new volume nine, “Fisheries and Aquaculture,” provides comprehensive coverage of crustacean wild capture fisheries and husbandry globally. Co-authors include Amalia Harrington, marine extension associate with Maine Sea Grant, and Adrian Linnane, sub-program leader for crustaceans, South Australian Research and Development Institute. The other eight volumes published to date give a thorough treatment of topics ranging from embryonic development, physiology and behavior to biogeography, ecology and evolution.