Press Herald quotes Ferrini-Mundy, Ralph about prospective return of sports

The Portland Press Herald quoted University of Maine President Joan-Ferrini Mundy about the possible return of college sports to campuses this fall. While President Ferrini-Mundy said she is hopeful that college athletes will be able to compete, officials have been developing “contingency plans in the event that our seasons are shortened, delayed or interrupted,” as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “If you examine national trends,” she continued, “we have to recognize the possibility we may not have a traditional season. If we do not think we can provide the level of experience our students have come to expect from the University of Maine or if we believe the requirements of intercollegiate sports could create health risks in the campus community, we would look to delay participation until we had the necessary level of certainty to continue.” The Press Herald also included a quote from Director of Athletics Ken Ralph. “We continue to have constant communication with our conference colleagues as we craft solutions for safe opportunities for our students to compete,” he said. “Having clarity on our campus plans will help guide our portion of those discussions.”