UMaine student receives surveying engineering scholarships

University of Maine student Jennifer Tuomala, of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, is a recipient of the Slavoj Scholarship through the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) Foundation. The scholarship is awarded to a student in a two- or four-year undergraduate degree program at an ABET-accredited college or university in the field of surveying engineering. Tuomala was also awarded a scholarship from Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers (MALSCE).

A student in UMaineOnline’s Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering Technology Program, Tuomala has been working in land conservation stewardship for nearly 10 years. She began with AmeriCorps MassLIFT and has been an independent consultant since 2016. 

The University of Maine’s ABET-accredited B.S. in surveying engineering technology focuses on the skills and education required for professional practice. Starting with a basic grounding in mathematics and the physical sciences, students are concurrently and progressively taught a combination of surveying, practical engineering and business. UMaineOnline also offers an undergraduate certificate in surveying engineering technology, graduate certificate in surveying engineering, and professional science master’s in engineering and business with a surveying engineering concentration. 

Tuomala says the university’s online program and the scholarships have allowed her to advance her career. “I love conservation work and the cause, but I needed a more steady, reliable career path to help me reach some of my other life goals,” she says. 

“I knew I would need another degree, but finding a program I could afford seemed impossible,” Tuomala says. “The costs of a master’s degree in my field, housing in a college town, and reduced income for two years were a real barrier. The UMaineOnline B.S. in surveying engineering technology solved all of those problems.”  

With a flexible online course schedule, Tuomala has been able to continue to work while pursuing her educational goals and a career path she hopes will provide increased financial stability and independence. She says she is excited to use her new degree to transition into a new career. 

“I think it will be empowering, and I hope to continue working for the protection and defense of open spaces, just in a different way. While so many things are uncertain and it seems impossible to plan for anything, I’m so grateful to MALSCE, NSPS and UMaine for the opportunity to take summer classes, so I can come through the pandemic without losing momentum,” she says.

More information about the online surveying programs at Maine’s flagship university is at A low e-tuition rate is available to students outside of the state of Maine. Questions can be directed to UMaineOnline advisor Tiffany Peterson,; 207.581.5858.