Maine Public quotes Brewer in report on engaging young voters

Maine Public quoted Mark Brewer, a professor of political science at the University of Maine, for a report on creative, socially distant ways to engage young voters. More than one-third of all eligible voters are under the age of 39, but historically, few of them vote — about 36% turned out in 2018. This year, political parties and advocacy groups are trying to engage younger voters through registration drives, but in accordance with coronavirus pandemic restrictions. They are turning to methods like social media in the absence of door-to-door canvassing and in-person rallies, Maine Public reported. “There have been some campaigns in some election cycles that have been able to get younger voters more engaged than others, not on the level of their older counterparts, but more engaged,” said Brewer, citing the 2008 presidential election as an example. The youth vote can make a difference, particularly in a close contest, according to Brewer.