BDN consults Gallandt, Birthisel about natural weeding

The Bangor Daily News spoke with Eric Gallandt, a professor of weed ecology at the University of Maine, and Sonja Birthisel, a postdoctoral scholar in weed ecology and management at UMaine, for an article about natural weeding solutions. Natural remedies have many advantages over synthetic chemical herbicides, according to the article. “[You] don’t have to read any labels,” said Gallandt. “[You] don’t have to worry about personal protective equipment.” Birthisel recommended learning about the weeds you want to address. “Look up the biology of the weed species that are most problematic for you,” she said. “The more you understand about the biology, the easier it is to choose the right tool for the job.” To prevent weeds naturally, Gallandt and Birthisel recommended mulching, plastic covers, DIY spot treatments and hoeing. “There’s not one single tool or technique that’s going to work in every application,” said Birthisel. “It’s important to consider the right tool for the job.”