Media report on UMaine making testing solutions for N95 masks

News Center Maine, WABI (Channel 5) and WVII (Channel 7) reported on the University of Maine manufacturing more than 2,200 bottles of testing solutions required to perform aerosol fit tests of N95 masks. UMaine production of the solutions came at the request of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention in response to a national shortage of fit-testing kits and test solutions. The initiative is part of an agreement between the University of Maine System and the Maine Emergency Management Agency to coordinate resources and efforts in support of the state’s COVID-19 response. “It’s remarkable that so many people work together so quickly. It’s just a testament to their commitment” said Jake Ward, vice president of innovation and economic development for UMaine to WABI. “Because of our land-grant institution, our chemists, and everybody — we had everybody right there ready to go. Essentially, the same group that was there producing hand sanitizer for the last several weeks jumped right on top of this so we were able to do it as quickly as we could.”