WVII interviews Outstanding Graduating Student twins

WVII (Channel 7) interviewed Gabriel and Abram Karam, Outstanding Graduating Students at the University of Maine and twin brothers from Bangor. Gabriel is the Outstanding Graduating Student in the Maine Business School, and Abram is the Outstanding Graduating Student in the College of Engineering. “It is kind of encouraging to have a twin brother because we’re both trying to do our best and we both encourage each other to push ourselves,” said Abram. The twins said they chose UMaine for its great academic programs and following in the footsteps of their mom and older brother. “It’s kind of becoming a family thing I guess. Black Bear Nation,” said Gabriel. Now Abram will pursue a master’s degree in mathematics, and Gabriel is looking to start his career, WVII reported. “As we start to do different things in life I guess we can kind of compare each other like, what did he end up doing? What am I going to do?” said Gabriel. “It’s kind of neat in that way.”