Boothbay Register, Lincoln County News highlight Girgis’ work on environmental monitoring buoy development

The Boothbay Register and The Lincoln County News highlighted University of Maine alumnus Joshua Girgis’ work in helping build an affordable environmental monitoring buoy that oyster and seaweed farmers could use to track conditions on their farms. They buoy gathers real-time water quality information, including ocean temperature, salinity and productivity, that can help aquaculture producers with farm work and fishermen, managers and citizen scientists gather more information about coastal environments, according to the report. Girgis joined the project facilitated by Christopher Davis, executive director of the Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center, as an intern in summer 2018, the same year he graduated from the UMaine College of Engineering. “I was ready for a challenge, and to connect what I’d learned in classes to real-world problems,” he said. Girgis has worked on the project extensively in the Marine Culture Laboratory at the UMaine Darling Marine Center in Walpole, according to the report.