News Center Maine, WVII cover Super Tuesday at UMaine

News Center Maine and WVII (Channel 7) covered Super Tuesday presidential primary activities on campus at the University of Maine. Mark Brewer, a professor of political science at UMaine, thinks more young voters will cast ballots this year than in prior years. “There is a high degree of energy,” he said. “Now part of that has to do with thoughts on both sides of the spectrum on the current president, part of that has to do with the very tightly contested Democratic presidential nomination, but I also think there is going to be more energy down-ballot for congressional elections and maybe even some state elections.” The youth vote is always the lowest turnout of the population, according to Brewer. “The American system doesn’t work unless some critical mass of the citizenry is educated and engaged and I think we try and make that clear to students that … it’s an obligation that falls on them,” he said. Student Anna Zmistowski, president of UMaine College Republicans, told News Center Maine, “Even if we don’t win the ticket in Orono, having kids out there voting is all we really care about … we just want that participation from the conservative voice.” WVII reported the UMaine College Democrats, Young Democratic Socialists of America and Young Americans for Liberty held a Super Tuesday watch party in the Memorial Union. Student Kevin Fitzpatrick, president of Young Democratic Socialists of America, believes young voters will have a big role in this year’s election. “I think it’s easy to get disillusioned after whatever happens in 2016 or the polls starting a new narrative, but it is really to get out to vote and feel as though you can actually make a difference that way,” he said.