Media cover 2020 Career Fair

News Center Maine, WABI (Channel 5) and WVII (Channel 7) covered the 2020 Career Fair at the University of Maine on Feb. 5. Around 1,000 students attended to meet with more than 170 employers in a variety of industries. “When our students come to the Career Fair this is like one piece of the puzzle in their job search strategies,” said Crisanne Blackie, director of the UMaine Career Center. “So, we want them to come here to make some connections with employers, hopefully, the employers will schedule them for an interview, but it also provides an opportunity for the students to get to know an employer and build a relationship with them. So even if they’re a first- or second-year student coming in, it’s a great opportunity and they can maybe find an internship and many of those internships will convert into full-time positions.”