Curry featured in New York Times video series ‘Equal Play’

University of Maine assistant men’s basketball coach Edniesha Curry is featured in The New York Times opinion video series “Equal Play” that showcases “insurgent athletes dragging women’s sports into the 21st century.” Curry is the lone woman coaching Division I men’s basketball in the country. The video accompanies Lindsay Crouse’s article titled “Where Are All the Women Coaches?” that includes the statistic that women currently coach about 40% of women’s college teams and 3% of men’s teams. Crouse concludes the piece: “Today we raise our little girls to follow their dreams and to excel. That is, until they become women and expect to be paid for it.”  In the video, Curry says, “To all the people that think women can’t coach as well as men, try me. What we’re doing here at the University of Maine which is really, really special, is empowering these young men to have the confidence to work with strong, alpha women. When they go into the workforce, they’re going to work with women.”