News Center Maine interviews student about paddling passion

News Center Maine interviewed Kell Fremouw, a first-year engineering physics student at the University of Maine who balances his studies with his passion for paddling. As a student at Orono High School, Fremouw joined the varsity canoe racing team coached by Jeff Owen, News Center Maine reported. Owen then suggested Fremouw try wildwater kayaking. “I just joined and fell in love with it,” Fremouw said. For Fremouw, who is from Orono, attending UMaine “allows me to be right next to this river and get my boats and talk to my coach.” Fremouw has competed nationally and internationally, and is training for the 2020 International Canoe Federation (ICF) Wildwater Canoeing World Championships and World Cup to be held in the spring. He will train five or six times a week in preparation for the competitions. “After this spring, maybe taking a break because I’m not certain I’ll be able to sustain the amount I paddle and train when I’m trying to do my thesis,” he said.