BDN, AP report on Bussiere’s 3D-printed prosthetic for duck

The Bangor Daily News and Associated Press reported on a 3D-printed prosthetic leg for Faith, a Mallard duck who lost her leg in a fox attack. The prosthetic is being created by Paul Bussiere, 3D printing lab manager at the University of Maine Advanced Structure and Composites Center. “I have eight 3D printers at my house,” said Bussiere. “I’m also a pet lover and can see that [Loni Hamner, who adopted the duck] really loves this duck and that she wants it to have a great quality of life.” Bussiere has researched models of duck feet and what kind of composite materials will work best for the prosthetic, which he said must be the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Maine Public carried the AP report.