USA Today includes UMaine in report on recruiting out-of-state students  

A University of Maine scholarship program was mentioned in the USA Today report, “College recruiters aggressively go after out-of-state students.” Enrollment of out-of-state or international students is on the rise as flagship public institutions cross state lines to recruit more students, according to the article. A small number of state-run universities are beginning to provide breaks on out-of-state tuition, or eliminate differences altogether, for students they want to recruit from other states, USA Today reported, citing UMaine as an example. UMaine — which decreased in-state enrollment by 31.51 percent in five years — offers a Flagship Match scholarship for academically qualified students from select states. Scholarship recipients  need only pay the in-state tuition at their state’s flagship, rather than the typical $29,310 out-of-state tuition, the article states.