Bousfield quoted in Mainebiz article on Maine eco-entrepreneurs

Douglas Bousfield, Calder Professor in the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering department at the University of Maine, was quoted in a Mainebiz article about three Maine innovators in the green economy. Paramount Planet Product, a company that makes disposable consumer goods out of paper rather than plastic, was founded in 2017 by UMaine alumna Ariadne Dimoulas. The company is working with UMaine researchers and has pioneered a material called plaaper that is still in the prototype stage, according to Mainebiz. Dimoulas said the material seems like plastic but is really paper, and has huge potential for Maine’s paper industry. While the company seeks research funding and commercial partners, it is selling disposable coffee cup lids and partyware made in China from non-plastic material, the article states. “These lids could be produced in the state of Maine, increase demand for some woods, generate good jobs and attract investment to the region,” said Bousfield.