BDN, Ellsworth American report mountain bike trail named after civil engineering capstone

Bangor Daily News and The Ellsworth American reported on construction of Hancock County’s first significant mountain bike trail. The Capstone Trail is part of an eventual 3.6-mile trail that will climb Great Pond Mountain in the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust’s 4,500-acre Wildlands in Orland, said Landon Fake, the trust’s executive director. The Penobscot Region of the New England Mountain Bike Association has been collaborating with the land trust for two years on trail development and this spring secured more than $20,000 in funding, according to the articles. Fake said the trail name references a capstone project that several University of Maine civil engineering students completed in 2016 in the form of a design and proposal to the land trust for a trail network. “We dug up that 121-page report and decided to use it for our conceptual trail system,” said Craig MacDonald, president of the regional mountain bike association. UMaine alumni Avery Mornis and Lucas Wardwell, two of the proposal’s authors, heard about the association’s project and decided to help, Fake said. Wardwell, whose family lives in Orland, did much of the first layout and hand work. Mornis, who works for a trail construction company in Vermont, agreed to get time off to run an excavator on the project for a couple of weeks, the articles state.