WABI, News Center Maine cover Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center Conference

WABI (Channel 5) and News Center Maine reported on the first Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center (TIDC) Conference, held June 6–7 at the University of Maine. The goal of the event is to share groundbreaking, next-generation research that will positively impact the durability of transportation infrastructure, increase the lifespan of transportation assets, and save money for departments of transportation based in New England. Researchers from UMaine and other universities in the region gave presentations and are working together to identify research opportunities that address New England’s infrastructure durability needs, WABI reported. “If there are solutions that Vermont is developing or New Hampshire’s developing, we need to know about it, and the solutions we are developing they would like to know about it,” said Habib Dagher, executive director of the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center. “By working together, we can save money, we can work more efficiently, and hopefully we have a lot of bright people in all different states, and by putting our heads together at the University of Maine and other universities as well, we can better solve some of these problems.” The intent is to hold the conference annually at different universities around New England, the reports state.