The Statesman interviews Allen about new book on Gandhi

The Statesman interviewed Douglas Allen, a professor of philosophy at the University of Maine, about his new book, “Gandhi After 9/11.” Gandhi could be a solution to modern problems of terrorism, climate change, economic crises, political instabilities and more, according to Allen, who is considered one of the world’s leading scholars on Gandhian philosophy. Allen “is of the belief that we must look to Gandhi even if ‘selectively’ and ‘creatively’ for a sustainable and non-violent future” and that “Gandhi is more relevant today even if he was imperfect,” according to The Statesman. “Gandhi did not have a blueprint that gives us all the solutions. He was a great human being. But Gandhi made many mistakes. Some were so big that he called them ‘Himalayan blunders,’” said Allen. “In ‘Gandhi After 9/11,’ we find that Gandhi doesn’t have all the answers. We can learn some things from Gandhi but then we are involved with these experiments with truth in our own minds. In many cases we have to go beyond Gandhi.” Eleven Media Group in Myanmar published the article from The Statesman.