City of Bangor recognizes University of Maine Museum of Art for its contributions

UMMA Director George Kinghorn
UMMA director George Kinghorn

The University of Maine Museum of Art (UMMA) was recognized by the City of Bangor for its presence downtown and its “many contributions to the cultural, social and economic life of the community.” 

At its Oct. 10 meeting, Bangor City Council announced the recognition, noting that the University of Maine Art Collection was founded in 1946 by Vincent Hartgen with a goal of providing the people of the state with opportunities to experience and learn about the arts, and their history and cultural significance. Since 2002, the museum has been a cornerstone in downtown Bangor, where it has “contributed significantly to the resurgence of the arts,” according to the Bangor City Council.

UMMA is the only institution that is fully owned by the state of Maine that houses a permanent fine arts collection. It includes more than 4,000 original works of art by renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Edward Hopper, Pablo Picasso and others. UMMA also holds a preeminent collection focused on the heritage of Maine art and artists.

More information about UMMA and the hundreds of public events it hosts annually is online. In addition to exhibits, those events include children’s activities, family programming, classes and lectures.