Teachers from 14 school districts on campus for STEM education workshop

Twenty Maine K–12 STEM teachers from 14 school districts are expected to be at the University of Maine Sept. 8 from 9 a.m. to noon for a STEM education workshop by the Maine Center for Research in STEM Education (RiSE). In their physical, life or Earth sciences classrooms, teachers use research-based materials from the RiSE Center to support student learning and promote interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The RiSE Center, located at UMaine, facilitates community partnerships with K–12 schools and school districts, teachers, university faculty and other organizations in Maine and beyond to improve STEM education and teacher preparation through research-supported practices.

Activities to be conducted on Saturday include working through examples of three-dimensional learning using the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as preparation for piloting of new science resources for elementary and middle school science instruction. Resources and professional learning opportunities provided by the Maine STEM Partnership have led to improvements in science achievement and attitudes toward science in participating classrooms.

For more information on impacts of the Maine STEM Partnership, contact Laura Millay, laura.millay@maine.edu; 207.266.8064.