Giudice to study device to help visually impaired, Arkansas Online reports

Arkansas Online reported on inventor Brandon Foshee’s device that aims to help visually impaired and blind people avoid obstacles. Foshee has received about $600,000 in grants from several agencies to develop his Roboglasses, according to the article. Nicholas Giudice, a professor of spatial informatics at the University of Maine, will study the Roboglasses as part of the grant from the National Institutes of Health, the article states. “People have been working on electronic travel aids for the blind since the 1960s,” Giudice said. “They usually don’t get out of the lab or the design phase, sometimes because they’re designed by a person with sight who’s looking for a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. This is different, because Brandon is blind and I am blind and that leads to something distinctive about the development and research behind his glasses.” Roboglasses, if successful, will complement, not replace, the traditional guide dog and cane, Giudice said. “The purpose of all these tools is to help detect and avoid hazards, but the cane and the dog sometimes don’t help much with hazards higher up,” Giudice said.