Tijerina quoted in Press Herald report on proposed Canadian steel tariffs

Stefano Tijerina, a political scientist at the University of Maine who studies Canadian foreign and commercial policy, was quoted in the Portland Press Herald article, “Proposed tariffs on Canadian steel could backfire on Maine.” Maine could be vulnerable if Canada retaliates against President Trump’s tariffs against steel and aluminum imports, and in-state manufacturers could be placed at a competitive disadvantage from the tariffs themselves, which will raise the prices of those metals, according to the article. Trade experts say their biggest concern is with how Canada might retaliate, as some scenarios could cause major disruptions in Maine, the article states. “The Canadian government will retaliate by putting a tariff on American products, and the question for them is which ones to target,” Tijerina said. “They will be interested in poking or lobbying American stakeholders in places like Maine or Massachusetts or Minnesota to pressure people to argue against the policy with the administration.”