‘Black Bears Have Green Rooms’ promotes carbon footprint reduction

Interested in reducing your carbon footprint and gaining some free swag? Check out the “Black Bears Have Green Rooms” program — a tool for promoting environmental awareness.

Alicia Oberholzer, energy efficiency coordinator in the Office of Sustainability, says the program will recognize people who commit to sustainable practices and challenge others to be mindful of reducing collective environmental impact.

After receiving a checklist of sustainable and energy-efficient practices, UMaine participants can get together with fellow Black Bears to undertake items — including replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs — on the checklist. For faculty and staff, “Green Rooms” are their respective offices. For students, it can be in their residence halls, apartments or houses.

Upon verification, Black Bears with “Green Rooms” will receive a sticker or badge certifying their efforts, along with products, including Wicked Joe Organic Coffees, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Hiball Energy drinks, reusable grocery bags, reusable straws and a Klean Kanteen.

Interested students, faculty and staff are invited to email Oberholzer at alicia.oberholzer@maine.edu to sign up. Feb. 28 is the deadline to register for the program, which is sponsored by the Office of Sustainability.