‘Bill Green’s Maine’ visits Maine Bound to learn how to dress for cold weather

Staff at the University of Maine’s Maine Bound Adventure Center were interviewed about how to stay warm outside during winter for a segment on “Bill Green’s Maine,” which aired on WLBZ (Channel 2) and WCSH (Channel 6 in Portland). “People should plan ahead and prepare,” said Lisa Carter, assistant director of Maine Bound. “When you’re in a winter environment you want to make sure of what you’re getting into and maybe even potentially not going out.” Carter advises students to develop a system for whatever activity they will be participating in, according to the report. She said dressing for outdoor activities should always start with a base layer that is not cotton. Chris Bartram, Maine Bound coordinator, suggests starting with merino wool. “It insulates you even when it’s wet, it doesn’t smell, and it’s all around the best that you can buy.”