AMC mentioned in EdTech article on university manufacturing centers

The Advanced Manufacturing Center at the University of Maine was mentioned in the EdTech: Focus on Higher Education article, “University manufacturing centers prove a boon for industry, too.” Companies rely on ­academic programs for both industrial research and future employees, according to Kurt Goodwin, general manager of Advanced Manufacturing Works for GE Power Systems. The ­company works closely with UMaine, Georgia Tech and Greenville Tech, according to the article. “They’re three of my favorites,” Goodwin said. “They all take a very pragmatic approach to systems and embrace a broad range of students. It’s not just about engineering degrees, but also associate degrees and high-end technicians. These are things the country really needs.” GE has hired interns and graduates from all three to tackle problem-solving challenges, EdTech reported. In 2016, GE asked a team of UMaine engineering students to redesign a singlet nozzle for steam turbines. Working at the AMC, four undergrads simplified the design, which reduced machining time on each item by up to 30 hours, the article states.