Maine Public interviews Brewer about voter turnout predictions

Mark Brewer, a political science professor at the University of Maine, spoke with Maine Public for the report, “Referenda will likely attract few voters.” Maine voters will head to the polls Nov. 7 to weigh in on four statewide ballot questions, including one that would allow a casino in York County, and another that would expand access to Medicaid. But with no candidates on the ballot, some observers believe the Medicaid question will drive voter turnout, Maine Public reported. “There will be some progressive groups who are already energized by opposition to President Trump and also to Gov. LePage,” Brewer said. “I think the Medicaid will drive turnout to the extent that we have turnout.” However, neither the Medicaid question nor the casino question are likely to spark much interest statewide, the report states. “Neither one of these raises to the level of the utilization of the recreational use of marijuana in terms of the kind of the attention it is going to get or how sexy the issue is, neither one of these even comes close,” Brewer said.