UMaine mentioned in Down East magazine article about 1963 eclipse

Down East magazine shared a piece from its July 1963 edition titled “Maine’s Moment in the Sun’s Eclipse” about the last total eclipse in the state. In all of the U.S., the total eclipse only was visible in a thin strip in Alaska and a 53-mile path in Maine. Isabel Currier wrote: “At Orono, the period of totality will be just under one minute, but many observers, who are making the University of Maine their headquarters, will devote a number of days to related studies before and after the eclipse. Among these are Dr. James S. Haeger of the Florida State Board of Health and Dr. Erik T. Nielsen, internationally known entomologist from Denmark, whose researches will be directed at the swarming of mosquitoes in relation to the phenomenon. The largest single group to come to Maine for the event numbers about 1000 members, wives and guests of the Astronomical League, whose annual convention is being held at the University from July 15–21.”