WABI covers Clam Cam project

WABI (Channel 5) covered a project by a University of Maine professor and two students that shares the unique way of life and some of the challenges of people who harvest clams for a living on the coast of Maine. For the Clam Cam project, clam harvesters from Freeport to Roque Bluffs wore chest-mounted GoPro cameras to give people a glimpse into what is involved getting clams from the mud to the market. “It is the second or third largest fishery in the state,” said Bridie McGreavy, an assistant professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism. “In 2015, it brought in $22 million in landings. So, economically it’s really valuable to coastal communities. But, it’s also socially and culturally valuable as well.” Tyler Quiring, a Ph.D. student in communication said, “Our research and the website that we’re building will be able to start a conversation. People will be able to see a little bit more clearly what it’s like to dig clams and hopefully be able to contribute to the sustainability of the industry as a result.” Carter Hathaway, a 2017 UMaine graduate with a bachelor’s in journalism, also collaborated on the project. Mainebiz also reported on the project.