New research project on older workers invites UMaine employees to participate

University of Maine employees age 55 or older, and supervisors of older workers are invited to take part in a new research project conducted by the UMaine Center on Aging in collaboration with the Department of Sociology and School of Economics. The goal of the research is to better understand the assets that older adults bring to the workforce, as well as their fit in various work environments.

Maine is oldest state by median age in the nation. At the same time, people are retiring later. Workforce participation by those 65 years and older is on the rise and, as a result, the culture of business is changing. The UMaine research team, led by Lenard Kaye, director of the Center on Aging, wants to help older adults and workplaces, including the University of Maine, understand these trends as a step toward meaningful use of the skills, experience and contributions of older adults in the workplace.

Employees are invited to participate in a confidential online survey, which should take about 20–25 minutes to complete. Once submitted, participants will be given the option to enter a drawing to win one of two $50 gift cards.

Below are the links to the surveys for older workers and supervisors, which begin with an informed consent form. Some participants are qualified to take both surveys if they are 55 and older, and also supervise older workers.

For more information about the research project, contact Jennifer Crittenden, assistant director of the Center on Aging, 262.7923;

Survey for employees age 55 and older

Survey for supervisors of older employees