Maine company leads industry in extreme-temperature textile manufacturing


Garrett VanAtta, vice president of innovation engineering at Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI) in Mechanic Falls, Maine, knows the value of innovative product development. AMI has become an industry leader in manufacturing advanced new high-temperature textiles, serving such clients as the U.S. Department of Defense and hundreds of small businesses worldwide. Over the years, AMI has worked with UMaine’s Advanced Manufacturing Center to develop some of its products. The company has also employed undergraduate interns through UMaine’s Innovate for Maine Fellows Program (Maine Accelerates Growth). In this video, VanAtta talks about AMI and how these UMaine resources benefit both students and companies.

The Innovate for Maine Fellows Program is managed by the University of Maine, and connects college students with Maine companies and business leaders. Internships provide support for students as they gain meaningful hands-on experience working on innovation-based company projects that accelerate growth. The program emphasizes entrepreneurship and innovation in an effort to help grow and create jobs across the state.

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