O’Brien Medical develops podiatry device with UMaine collaboration


When podiatrist Dr. Todd O’Brien had an idea for a product that could help his patients, he knew he could come to UMaine’s Advanced Manufacturing Center to turn that idea into a commercial product. O’Brien’s invention is the ETF128, an electronic tuning fork which measures sensitivity and sensation loss in the limbs of diabetic patients, thus standardizing a traditional diagnostic technique. In this video, O’Brien talks about the ETF128 and the important roles that UMaine’s Advanced Manufacturing Center and the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) played in its development. The EFT128 was named one of the Top 10 innovations in podiatry by Podiatry Today magazine and is now manufactured by Saunders Electronics in South Portland, Maine. O’Brien is the president and founder of O’Brien Medical located Orono Maine.

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