Bangor Maine 3-D printing and product development company


L&K Manufacturing Inc., didn’t always reside in a 1,500-square-foot space in Bangor Maine. The company was initially founded in a college apartment by Vincent Lewis and Andrew Katon who were UMaine engineering undergraduates. Once Katon, company president, and Lewis, CFO, launched L&K Manufacturing, they were able to utilize space at UMaine’s Advanced Manufacturing Center before making their move to Bangor. L&K Manufacturing helps entrepreneurs and businesses improve their products with rapid prototyping services, including precision 3D-printing, silicone molding and wearable biotechnology. In this video, Katon talks about UMaine and how the UMaine Top Gun Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program helped him gain business skills and develop an extensive network in the community.

The Top Gun entrepreneurship accelerator is a five-month program that engages entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. Top Gun combines education, mentoring, pitch-coaching and networking opportunities. The program is a partnership of the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development, Maine Technology Institute, Blackstone Accelerates Growth and the University of Maine. UMaine organizes and hosts a Bangor region class and has also developed curriculum to support the statewide program. More information about Top Gun is online.

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