UMaine’s Top Gun Entrepreneurial Program an entryway into Maine’s business network for Bar Harbor CEO


Hello, my name is Chuck Donnelly. I’m the CEO of RockStep Solutions. Our company is located in Bar Harbor, Maine.

We work with university research, pharmaceutical research companies, or contract research organizations. We provide systems that allow for very efficient management of information within those research contexts.

The Top Gun program has been really amazing for me as an entrepreneur. When I got into this idea of trying to start my own business, I was very alone, and didn’t know really anything about the entrepreneurial network. How to really run a business. How to ask for financing.

The whole world…It was like exploring a new jungle where you don’t have any maps. The Top Gun program really helped feel not so alone in this effort to start a business. We’re immediately connected with mentors. We’re connected with the entrepreneurial network. Attorneys that understand IP.

There’s a whole network of support in the State of Maine that Top Gun was the entryway for us to get into that. There’s no way that I would feel as comfortable as I do now being an entrepreneur without Top Gun. It’s really been truly amazing for us.

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